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Monday 3 Sept

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 Get ready for a Blast from the Past on Good Morning this week, as we celebrate classic moments from several decades of New Zealand television.

 On Monday we look at New Zealand's continuing love affair with game shows with a celebrity studded line up.

 We will test Dougal Stevenson's endurance as presenter of the Krypton Factor.

 Phillip Leishman will remember "O for Awesome" moments from Wheel of Fortune and his brother Mark Leishman will reminisce about the times when civic pride was on the upsurge in Top Town.

 We'll go on a Blind Date with the show's presenter Dave Jamieson and Jude Dobson will talk about her days as Sale of the Century's glamour girl. 

 Hilary Timmins will also be here remembering the mother of them all, It's in the Bag, which ran for nearly 20 years.

 Hamish McDouall took out the big prizes on both Sale of the Century and Mastermind- He'll reminisce about his win and he'll return to stage the Good Morning Quiz.

 Matai Smith is our Tip Top Tane throughout the show - He'll be taking us through some more language lessons. He'll also be offering our celebrities 'the money or the bag'!

 Laurent Loudeac gives kiwi-ana a whirl in the kitchen with a Coq Au Vin Pie.

  Dr. Simon Snook  talks sex, this week its how you can dictate whether your child will be a boy or a girl.