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Monday 19 October

You may have known him as "Mr Sunshine", but these days ex-weather presenter and talented sportsman Brendan Horan has his entertainment cap on! Brendan joins us for a chat about his upcoming tour, and he'll perform just for us!

Next month a wild show is set to take place at the magnificent Theatre Royal in Timaru. It's the 8th annual NZ Hat and Hair Art Awards featuring creative excellence from all over the country. Denise Whyte's here with a preview for us.

Need to feed a crowd? Haven't got much time? Do you want crispy chicken goodness? Helen Jackson ticks all those boxes today with crunchy chicken nuggets!

Today Martin Bosley is cooking spring fare! Tender slow cooked lamb on a brown rice pilaf with broccoli, as well as mushroom risotto with asparagus and goats cheese - yum!

Are you looking for an extra bit of Christmas glamour and one dress to suit every occasion? Today Trish Mark from Ezibuy is in with some dresses that are sure to fit the bill!

Runway style guru Richard Kavanagh has been out and about at yet another fashion show! He's here to introduce us to a new generation of designers, and he'll also be waving his magic wand to save viewers from their hair catastrophes!

Psychic medium Sue Nicholson is taking some calls from viewers with spiritual questions. If you'd like the chance to speak with Sue on the show, click here.

Robyn Walker is back and she's brought along a handful of hot new albums to share with us!

And Keith Quinn and John McBeth roundup the weekend's sporting news.