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Michelle Buchanan: July numerology

What Is Numerology?

Western Numerology was created 2500 years ago by Pythagoras, the Greek Mathematician. Pythagoras also created the "Pythagorean Theorem" which is still being taught in secondary school maths around the world today. Numerology is the Science of "Numbers and Names" where each letter and number tells a story. The numbers in your "Name and Date of Birth" tell the story of you and your life. 

Amongst other things, Numerology can accurately reveal ones personality traits, strengths, weaknesses and life lessons as well as suitable career choices and the "timing" of certain events. However, Numerology isn't a "Psychic" science. It can only predict the "probability or likelihood" of certain life events, it cannot predict the actual "outcome" or the action one will take when faced with those events. The outcome is completely up to the individual's free will, which Numerology cannot predict.

Numerology can reveal the environment and conditions around you at any given time. Being aware of those conditions helps you to prepare and better navigate your life. When you work in harmony with the natural rhythm and cycles of your life, you can minimise the stress and accentuate the opportunities.  

Personal Years

Your Personal Year number tells you what is happening around you for the year, it highlights the environment around you, the lessons and opportunities you may encounter during the course of the year.

Personal Year's run in 9 year cycles, from 1 through to 9. Each Personal Year has its own individual "theme" that brings particular lessons and opportunities that enable us to grow. The Personal Year commences on Jan 1st and runs until Dec 31st each year. 
The Personal Year is the "MAIN THEME" and the major direction of your life for the year & however there are also "Personal Months" within each Personal Year. Each Personal Month brings additional "mini lessons" of their own alongside the lessons and opportunities of the Personal Year.

How to Calculate Your Personal Year

Add your birth "day" and "month" numbers to 2011. 
For example: For the birth date March 28 : 2+8+3+2+0+1+1 = 17
Reduce double digits to a single digit number: 1+7 =8. 
This Personal Year is 8.
Should your answer total 10, your Personal Year is 1 because 1 + 0 = 1 Personal Year.

July Influences For Each Personal Year

Personal Year 1. This year is about "New Beginnings" being courageous, making a fresh start and going for what you want. 

July (Personal Month 8) This is the month of "Manifestation" where you have the power to manifest opportunities. Be honest and watch your motivations behind everything you do. Have a positive attitude towards money and monitor your spending. Visualise your life they way you want it to be and believe that it is possible. Things will eventually come to fruition when you continue to believe in your dreams.

Tip Of The Month : Stay positive and pay attention to your thoughts. Major lessons and opportunities may present themselves this month. Spend your money wisely. 
Personal Year 2. This year is about "Sensitivity and Patience" - it's about being loving and gentle towards others and yourself. This can be a slow and emotional year at times.

July (Personal Month 9) This is a month of "Endings" in preparation for what is to come. You may feel as if something is coming to an end or may feel emotional and not know why. It's out with old to make way for the new. Even if everything in your life remains the same, something "within you" may change or come to an end.

Tip Of The Month : Let go of things that no longer serve you. It's onwards and upwards so be brave and move forward. Be positive and know you're going to be fine.

Personal Year 3. This year is about "Communication and Self Expression" where you must be positive and express yourself and your feelings. It can be a very social time and it's the perfect year for any creative endeavour.

July (Personal Month 1) New people and opportunities may present themselves this month so don't let anything hold you back, go for it. This is a very powerful time to manifest your dreams into reality. Be aware that your thoughts are "alive" and this is the most powerful time for planting the seeds for your future. The world is your oyster, so go for it and take a chance.

Tip Of The Month : Be independent and have the courage to walk the path less travelled. Believe in yourself and your potential.
Personal Year 4. This year is all about "Production & Perseverance" where you are laying the foundations for the future. It may feel like one step forward, 2 steps back but it's worth it in the end.

July (Personal Month 2) is all about "Co-operation and Relationships" where any issues brewing beneath surface with partners, family, friends or work colleagues could arise to be ironed out. You'll be sensitive and may tend to overreact, so be patient, diplomatic and think before you speak. This is a great time to bond with others and it's the perfect time for singles to find love.

Tip Of The Month : Settle all conflicts and disputes with others. Start treating yourself like a friend and get out and about if you're single.    

Personal Year 5. This year is about "Transition and Progress", freedom from restriction, adventure and tonnes of life experience. It's a time to travel and make changes but don't take on too much.

July (Personal Month 3) is all about  "Communication and Expression" - so express yourself and be honest about your feelings. If you're "in the closet" about something, now is the time to speak your truth and get it out in the open. This can also be a month of socialising and fun, it can also be month of luck and opportunity, but only if you see the glass half full. This is a great time to be creative ie. Write, paint, decorate, cook, sing, sew etc & but don't take on too much.

Tip Of The Month : Don't be afraid to be honest about how you feel. Be optimistic, get out and have some fun.

Personal Year 6. This year is about "Domestic Responsibilities" where your loved ones may need you, relationships make up or break up and singles can find love.

July (Personal Month 4) is about "Taking care of details" and laying down the foundation for your future, so cross your T's and dot your i's, and put in the effort. It may feel challenging and frustrating at times, but you must be persistent! Don't give up in the face of adversity, it will pay off in the end. This is a good month for building and renovating a business or home.

Tip Of The Month : Work upon setting things up for your future, the stronger the foundation, the longer it will last.         

Personal Year 7. This year is about "Mind, Body and Spirit". This is a year for going within. Typically, it is a slow year of much contemplation and self reflection, however, a very powerful year in preparation for next year.

July (Personal Month 5) is all about "Freedom & Change" where anything can happen and it usually does, but it can be hectic for those who don't like unexpected change. This is a good time to make changes ie. Move or change jobs. Get out and about and enjoy more personal freedom but don't go over the top.

Tip Of The Month : Be prepared for change and realise it is for the best. Don't get too distracted, try to focus and prioritise.

Personal Year 8. This is the year of "Business, Finances and Karmic Payback" where major opportunities and life lessons can present themselves. Stay Positive and watch your motivations.

July (Personal Month 6) is all about "Relationships and Domestic Responsibility". It's a great month to decorate, renovate or work on the home. Self love and self care is very important so work on your health and overall wellbeing. Relationship issues may surface so dedicate yourself to working them out. This is a time to commit. This month is about duty and responsibility to family, friends and community. It's a great time for a family reunion or doing something special for or with a loved one. Singles could meet someone special this month.

Tip Of The Month : Be there for others and help where you can. Love and appreciate yourself and get out and about if you're looking for love.   

Personal Year 9. This is the year of "Completion & Forgiveness" as it is the end of a 9 year cycle. It's about clearing out and tying up of loose ends in preparation for new beginnings next year.

July (Personal Month 7) is all about "Mind, Body and Spirit" and spending quiet time alone. You won't feel as social and may prefer to study or read. It's a great month to get outside and connect with Nature, get in the garden, work on your health and self development. For Maori it's the perfect time to reconnect with your ancestry and the indigenous ways. This is the month to take "time out" for spiritual and personal development. 

Tip Of The Month : Focus on yourself and what you want from life. Visualise your life as you want it to be and believe that you can make it happen.

** Increased prediction accuracy can only be obtained alongside the numbers in ones "Personal Numerology Chart"