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Michele Perry: Vampire chic makeup - 2 August

Vampire Chic immortal beauty

Vampires are sexy supernatural and seductive, and their intense haunting beauty is a big part of their allure. With perfect skin, brooding eyes, and blood-red mouths who can resist a vamp, it's no wonder so many mortals succumb to their fatal charms.
Why not have fun on your next night out and try on a little vampire glamour - or as I call it, Glampire.

Moonlit Tan

To create a flawless, shimmery complexion like a moon lit tan. Use a concealer over any blemishes and redness, then apply a sheer foundation that's a shade lighter than what you'd normally use. ( I used Smashbox's HD foundation) Match the shade to your inner wrist an area that's usually shielded from the sun. Top off your moon-tan with a light dusting of shimmer powder for a glimmering lunar glow, to create a vampiric sculpted cheek use a touch of bronzing or sculpting powder under the cheekbone into the hollows, skip the blush thats far to mortal and healthy looking.

Ethereal Eyes

Smokey eyes are a must for a sexy siren from the dark side my vamp inspiration is Jane's from twilight smokey grey and shimmery midnight blue eyeshadow, To create this vampy vixen look surround your eyes with a smudgy grey or black shadow sweep it from the base of your lashes to half an inch above the crease.( I used Maybellines Eye-studio in Smokey Black) and then rim them with a black kohl liner for an intense effect that's a bit more dangerous, finish the eyes with a sweep of dark shimmery midnight blue across the lid (I choose Phoenix moody blue) add extra sparkle by dragging a smudgy line of the same shadow under your lower lashes and finish with loads of black mascara.

Bitten Lips Create a sexy stained flush

Dab a vamptastic blood red lipstick onto the centre of your lips (my fave is Estee lauders Stay Scarlet) use a fingertip to blot and smooth out the edges . "Don't put on too much, you want your skin to show through a little underneath to mimic a natural flushed effect, to give your lips a real flushed vamp look try Do-wops lip venom on top, its magical ingredients naturally plump the lips and give a just bitten look and they used it on Twilight.

Back to Black Claws

Dark nails are a hot trend that's right at home in the occult world. Try blacks, deep plums, or inky blues ( I recommend Maybellines Chili Chocolate or Redcurrent Jelly)