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Mel Browne: Stilts for Kids

Mel Browne: DIY for Kids


What you need:

- A. (1) Wooden 2 by 4, 15.5" long
- B. (4) 3/8" wing nuts
- C. (4) 3/8" ID flat washers
- D. (4) 3/8" x 4" carriage bolts
- E. (2) Wooden poles, 8' x 1.5" x 1.5"

- F. Table saw or similar
- G. Drill

Cut the 2 by 4 at a 45 degree angle, forming two congruent trapezoids. The parallel sides should measure 6 inches and 9.5 inches. These two pieces will be the footholds.
On the short side of the footholds, bore two holes 1.5" deep with a 3/4" wing bit. These holes should be spaced 4 inches apart (centre to centre). They will allow the carriage bolts to extend through far enough to get the wing nuts on.
With a 3/8" bit, finish drilling the holes all of the way through. The footholds are now finished.
You need to drill eight 3/8" holes in both of the 8' poles. Start 6" from the bottom and drill a hole every 4" until you are 34" from the bottom.
Place the footholds at whatever height you want (start low), insert the bolts, and tighten on the wing nuts with the washers underneath.
To get onto the stilts, either back yourself up against a wall and step up as the stilts lean against the wall or have a trusted, strong friend hold them for you. Beginners often want to hold the poles in front of them, but is is impossible to balance that way. You have to place the poles placed behind your arm pits and wrap your arms around the front of them.
If you notice that the bottom of the stilts start to splinter as you use them, wrap some electrical or duct tape around the bottoms to slow the process.

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(Broadcast: 16 Mar 2012)