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Mel Browne: D.I.Y Toy Chest

With Mel Browne

DIY Tool Chest for Kids

Tools required are as follows:
1. Setsquare/metal ruler
2. Pencil
3. Tape measure
4. Drill bits (pilot 3.0mm and
5. Countersunk bit size 10
6. Flathead/blade screwdriver
7. Squaredriver
8. Squaredrive bit and Phillips bit
9. Spirit level
10. Battery drill

Materials required are as follows (You can take this list to your local DIY store; they will provide and cut the wood to size for you)
3 x panels of wood for front, back and lid of the chest measuring: 18mm by 600mm by 300mm
2 x Panels for the toy chest's sides: 18mm by 300mm by 300mm
1 x Panel for base of the toy box: 18mm by 564mm by 300mm
1 x Topbrace: 18mm by 75mm by 600mm

2 handles (preference) 4 of 4 by 25mm machine screws
2 hinges (preference) 12 of 4 by 12mm machine screws
Surefast woodscrews squaredrive 8 by 2 inch (50mm) 27 needed.

1. Lay out all precut pieces and label using a pencil, for example, "front" and "back" etc.
2. The first step for this box would be to measure up and make all the markings using a pencil not a pen or vivid as this would bleed through the material.
3. First let's start off by marking up the front and back pieces with a pencil as these both have the same measurements. Because the MDF is 18mm we must halve that so we get 9.0mm & that measurement is consistent all the way through so that the screws will be concealed once installed.
4. Measure to find the centre horizontally and vertically and you get 300mm and 150mm and measure in by 9mm from each edge and mark it. Measure 15mm from the top and 15mm from the base make a mark and repeat on the right hand side as well and you should have a total of 6 marks.
To the bottom of that front piece then measure from that bottom edge 9mm and then make a mark from the left hand side edge first one being 150mm middle @300mm and last mark at 450mm repeat this same measurement for the back piece.
5. Leave the lid/top for now.
6. Get the 2 side pieces again these measurements are repeated for both sides. Measure 100mm from the edge left hand side as well as right hand side and make a mark, total of 2 marks @9mm from the bottom edge.
7. Measure and markup for the handles as well.
Find the centre which is 150mm vertically and horizontally and draw a line. Measure 108mm and 204mm from the left hand side edge and mark with a pencil.(handle holes)
8. Get the top brace and measure in from the edge 9mm make a line right across then make the following markings from the left hand side towards the right starting with 40, 150, 300, 450, 561mm a total of 5 holes.
Premark for the hinges as well first mark from the left being 150mm and then 450mm and then place one hinge at a time into that position then pencil in the markings for 3holes per hinge a total of 6 remembering the lid will need to be put opposite ready for marking of the other side of the hinge which brings to a total of 12 holes.
9. Once all markings for fixing and markings for handles and hinges are complete then we can prepare by predrilling all holes using a pilot bit size 3mm using a battery drill.
Once that's done we then remove the 3mm drill bit and replace with 4mm drill bit and predrill holes for the handles and hinges.
10. Once finished remove the 4mm drill bit and replace with a countersunk bit size 10.
Countersink all fixing holes except the handles and hinges holes.
11. Now we are ready to assemble the toy box hooray!
12. Start off by placing the bottom piece in front of you.
13. Grab the front, back and the 2 sides first place the both sides parallel to the left hand side of the base and the right hand side.
14. Get the front piece and place against the base edge inserting one screw at a time. Repeat with the back piece as well.
15. Do not tighten screws just loosely while using a spirit level to check the box is square on all sides consecutively and consistently throughout the assembly stage.
16. Once you are satisfied with the straightness of the box then begin to tighten up all screws8 by 2inch (50mm) total of 27.
17. Once completing assembly stage if you are not going to paint or stain box then install the handles for both sides and both hinges to secure the lid.
Happy times while the children play and you have a funky and yet functional toy chest box that looks really cool and works and can be used for kiddy's seats as well a cushion chucked on the top wouldn't go a miss!

(Broadcast: 30 Mar 2012)