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May 3

The Butterfly Cabinet by Bernie McGill

When Anna, the young woman she cared for as a child, announces her intention to visit the elderly Maddie, Maddie recognises her last chance to unburden herself of a story that has gnawed at her for sixty years.

The Butterfly Cabinet is an unforgettable story of two women linked by their roles in a tragedy at the end of the Victorian era.

Inside Stories: A History of the New Zealand Housewife 1890-1975 by Frances Walsh

This affectionate look at women's toil and trouble over the past 120 years puts housework under the spotlight and shows the myriad ways in which resourceful New Zealand women have dealt with the tyranny of keeping house while keeping sane.

The Shaking Woman or A History of My Nerves by Siri Hustvedt

While speaking at a memorial event for her father, Siri Hustvedt suffered a violent seizure from the neck down. She managed to finish her talk and the paroxysms stopped, but again and again she found herself a victim of the shudders. Chronicling her search for the shaking woman, Hustvedt illuminates the age-old dilemma of the mental and the physical, and what it means to be human.