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Matai's Maori lesson - Words for small children - 1 December

This week Mätai answers another letter from a viewer wanting help to settle her pëpi. We also have two short, well known waiata to sing to baby as well.

Viewer Nadeena Gray writes:

I am a mother to a 4-month-old son. We both really enjoy learning new words and phrases on Mondays with Mätai's Maori language section.

Would you be able to teach some words and phrases for mums and dads to say to their babies when we are talking to our children? E.g., are you hungry, tired, need a change, etc.

Also any lullabies or songs that Mätai may know would be awesome. My son seems to be getting sick of "Upoko, Pakahiwi, Puku, Hope, WaeWae" song (the only Maori childrens song I know!)

E moe. Go to sleep.
Kei te ngëngë koe? Are you tired?
Kia tau, kia tau. Settle down.
Kaua e tangi. Don't cry.
Ka nui tënä. That's enough.
Hoihoi koe... Shhh...
Kua kï pea tö kope. Perhaps your nappy is full.
Kia äio tö moe. Have a peaceful sleep.
Körero mai! Speak to me
Katakata mai! Laugh for me!
Menemene mai! Smile for me!

Pürerehua - Butterfly Song

A song written by Dr Hirini Melbourne for his daughter whom he hoped would grow up to become a beautiful butterfly. The words refer directly to the flight of the butterfly.

Pürerehua rere runga hau
papaki parirau rere runga hau
ka piki, ka piki runga rawa e
papaki parirau rere runga hau
papaki parirau rere runga hau!
Carried on the wind
Fluttering its wings
On the wind
up and up
way up high
fluttering its wings
on the wind

This next waiata-ä-ringa - or action song - is especially fun for the kids to learn.

Piko means to bend so, bend your arm whenever you say 'piko'.
Toro means to stretch so, stretch your arms out in front of you whenever you say 'toro'.

 A E I O U
 A E I O U
 Piko piko piko piko piko piko
 toro piko toro toro toro toro toro toro
 piko toro