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Matai's Maori Language Lesson - 10 Dec

Tena ano koutou katoa, well ever since Maori Language Week back in July right up till now, we have seen my hoa over here giving it their all picking up kupu hou or new words, new waiata as well as learning some basic aspects of tikanga Maori or Maori protocol and it has been my pleasure to act as their kaiako over the past few months.
Today I have organised a quiz or an exam if you like, to put them through their paces and to see just who is the "Nga Patai a Matai" champion for 2007!
1.    If you were going to greet three or more people in Maori, which greeting would you use?
A:      Tena koutou 
E:       Tena korua 
I:        Tena koe
2. 'Waea pukoro' is the Maori word for?
A:       Barbed wire
E:       Cell phone
I:        Yellow pages
3.    If I asked Sarah "Kei whea a Brendon?" what have I just asked her?

A:        Where is Brendon?
E:        Where's Brendon going?
I:         Where's Brendon gone?
4.        "Aua", "aua hoki" and "e aua" are all ways of saying what?
A:      So, so
E:       I don't know
I:        I'm good thank you
5.        'Tamaki Makaurau' is the Maori place name for? 
A:       Wellington
E:        Palmerston North
I:        Auckland 

Silent Night in Maori

Marie te po, tapu te po,
Marino, marama,
Ko te Whaea, me te Tama,
Tama tino, tapu ra,
Moe mai i te aio,
Moe mai i te aio.

Silent night, holy night
All is calm, all is bright
Round yon virgin
Mother and child
Holy infant so tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace