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Laurent's Recipe - Sauerkraut - 30 Jul

Choucroute Sauerkraut
 This is a dish typical from Alsace region made of fermented white cabbage served with knuckle of pork, Strasbourg sausage, streaky bacon, smoked shoulder and potatoes. The cabbage from Alsace used for this recipe can reach up to 7 kg.
 The cabbage needs to be marinated for at least a week. It normally takes between 3 to 7 weeks depending on the temperature, with rock salt to drain all the water out.
The Cabbage

Take an average size cabbage. Cut it in 1/2, take the hard part off then slice it as finely as possible.
You'd be better using a terracotta dish to marinate the cabbage, but a large plastic bucket (clean of course) can do the trick.
Put in a layer of cabbage, sprinkle rock salt, juniper berries, then cabbage again, salt and berries and so on until finished.
Put a large jar or bucket full of water on top of cabbage to press it down. It needs to be airtight for the brine to happen.
Leave it aside for at least a week.

The Meats

You can use a smoked pork hock. You will need to cook it for at least 2 hours in water. (1 for 3 persons)
1 Strasbourg sausage or frankfurter per person
2 slices of "hunter sausage" (you can get these from places like Moore Wilson's)
100 gr of pork belly cooked with the cabbage
3 new potatoes per person boiled in water until cooked.
And you can use pork shoulder as well.
Wash off the cabbage under running water and drain the water off by pressing it.
In a large pot sweat off 2 sliced white onions, add the sliced pork belly, diced shoulder of pork, add the cabbage and cover with water. If you want, you can use white wine, Riesling or Silvaner. 1/3 wine, 2/3 water - personally I prefer just water
Cook for about 1 hour or until meat and cabbage is cooked. You can leave the juniper berries in as part of the dish.
When ready take a big dish, spread the cabbage and meat on it, break the smoke pork hock and put it on top. Add the hot sausages, sliced hunter sausage and potatoes and serve with a glass of French Riesling.
You can heat the sausage and sliced hunter sausage by adding them to the cabbage 10 mins before serving.
The locals say sauerkraut is only good after being reheated 7 times!!!
Bon apetit