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Laurent Loudeac's terrine and onion jam recipes - 1 March

Terrine and onion jam


800g minced pork (80% meat, 20% fat)
6-8 rashers of bacon (4 of these rashers chopped and sauteed off)
1 onion chopped and sauteed off with 4 chopped cloves of garlic
4 tbsp chopped parsley or 2 of dried
200g chicken liver trimmed and quickly sautéed off (keep them raw in the middle)
5 button mushrooms quartered and sautéed off till golden brown
1 shot of brandy (optional)
Salt & pepper to taste

Layer a terrine mould with the bacon then in a big bowl mix all other ingredients thoroughly then fill up the terrine mould nice and compact. Put the lid on and cook in a warm water bath in a preheated oven 180c for about 50mn.
You need to let it cool down for at least 6 hours before serving.

Onion jam

4 onion peeled and finely sliced
2 tbsp oil

In a pot heat oil then put onion in and cook slowly fort about 1 to 1 1/2 hours, stirring constantly so it doesn't burn. If it sticks a little to pot its fine as you get the caramelisation of the sugar in the onion. Remember there is enough sugar in them without adding any.

Let cool down until really cold.

To serve cut a slice of the terrine and serve with a little onion jam and, cornichons and some fresh toasted bread.

Total time to make: 20m
Cost per person: $5
1 terrine will feed at least 10 people as a starter.

As a terrine mould you can use a loaf/cake mould or the real terrine.