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Kraftbomb's Craft: Plush Fairy Bread

With Kraftbomb

Plush Fairy Bread

You Will Need
Polar fleece
Seed Beads
Safety eyes
Needles - hand stitching and beading

Cut out bread template x 2... for tall bread cut on the vertical stretch and for fat bread cut on the horizontal stretch
Cut out crust
Before stitching together put in safety eyes, stitch mouth (smile,sad face, indifferent face)
For fairy bread hand stitch seed beads in a random order
Pin right sides together with crust in the middle of the front and back pieces, with the join of the crust at the bottom edge of the bread, stitch all the way around with a running stitch....all the way around and back again for stability
Turn right side out and stuff with polyfil
Stitch up hole and there you have it!!

(Broadcast 21 May 2012)