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Keep looking up by GiGi Sosnoski

Keep Looking Up! Ltd.  Motivational Astrology Segment - April Forecast
By GiGi Sosnoski

Theme for April: New Beginnings - Letting go of the past to create the future.....

This month, despite the hangover of unsettled feelings regarding world events, we have the opportunity to advance in many life areas. April's Astrological energies encourage us let go of our fears and become more productive and pro-active in our activities. "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity" said Einstein, and in the weeks ahead we can honour the challenges of life by finding ways to improve ourselves and our directions.

Highlighted this month is strong Aries/Mars energy, which pushes us to forge ahead with new drive and determination! April's get-up-and-go theme gives us the green light to be more aggressive when it comes to the important issues in our lives. Just be sure to keep your plans fluid in the weeks ahead, and try to postpone new commitments until the last week of the month.

What can you expect for the 6 major life areas in April?  Let's have a peak at what to expect:

LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS: Emotional self expression is aggressive and assertive now. When demanding to be heard be sure of what you are saying! Passions and feelings are strong - ease up as you might be seen as too pushy. Infatuations are hot and heavy but not necessarily realistic, so consider the consequences before pouncing! Cut out the gossip and rumors - they are incorrect anyway. Leave power plays, temper tantrums and headstrong attitudes at the door or they will backfire. The 18th when Venus and Uranus collide is great for meeting exciting connections. An unusual romance can ambush you on the 23rd, just be ready to give it all the attention it will demand!

WORK: Although communications seem more decisive and confident, in our haste to be heard we're overlooking important details. Share your thoughts and ideas in innovative ways but make sure facts are accurate before full disclosure! Double check information to be distributed - there will be typo-s. Highly-motivated feelings regarding business goals can bring greater competitive urges. Beware of arrogance with co-workers, lack of diplomacy is possible as ambitions rise on the 20th. Implementation of new projects and enterprises will be more successful after the 23rd. Working with machinery is highlighted but read the manual before DIY overhauling!

FINANCE: Watch risk taking, especially if you are feeling impatient. Review finances now before deciding on investments, which are best made by months end. Curb impulsive expenditures: buying flashy stuff now will only fill a temporary void. Start saving for something beautiful that will be long-lasting after the 20th. When donating to worthwhile causes remember to get the receipts for your contribution. Promotion of business should be planned now and implemented by months end. Gratitude for what we have and appreciation for those in our lives brings the greatest rewards.

FAMILY: Finding balance of individual needs in view of the whole is highlighted. Avoid "my way or the highway" ultimatums with those that seem rebellious. Lots of activity, sharing of feelings, and comings and goings can cause more stress than enjoyment. Recreation that can be appreciated by everyone provides greater connection. Encourage family members to sort out and donate items that others would be grateful for. Home improvement activities are enthusiastically started but not necessarily completed. The Full Moon on the 18th can stir up emotions, requiring effort to find balance and harmony.

HEALTH: Start a new exercise regime! The excess energy you feel needs an outlet - find one! Seek active ways to get your health back on track on the 4th. The indulgence you allowed yourself when you thought the-world's-coming-to-an-end is showing! Get more protein in your diet to help burn fat and rev up your engine! Power walking, jogging, aerobics or energetic house cleaning will boost your heart rate, reflecting nicely when trying on clothes. Cut back on caffeine - you're wired enough! Make in-roads now by adding meditation to your daily workout agenda. Get extra sleep to balance the additional activity.

SELF: A good month to accept your faults and let go of your weaknesses. Recognize your own and other peoples limitations as a life lesson. Greater courage for more independence and a lack of tolerance for anything repressive is felt. Move forward with your goals but think before you act - impulsive undertakings will lead to mistakes. Plan to initiate your dreams by months end, but in the meantime review and readdress your directions. Now is the time for greater self-sufficiency and building up courage. Keep in mind that how we treat others reflects on how we're treated.

Birthdays: If you have a birthday on the following dates, here are some of the energies you can expect for your year ahead:

3-4: Sun opposition Saturn: Confidence is your key word. Gaining confidence and self-love through your relationships with others will be highlighted. Don't restrict yourself or others,  get over insecurity, be positive in your outlook and take care of health for overall well-being.

6-7: Sun conjunct Jupiter: Expansion is your key word. A year of abundant energy, enthusiasm and creative potential! Enjoyment of life is easy but incentive is needed to tackle tough tasks. Popularity and interest in expansive undertakings will be highlighted.

9-10: Sun conjunct retrograde Mercury: Communications is your key word. Networking, new learning, teaching, travel and information is highlighted. Express yourself, your ideas and your intentions! Sharpness of mind and intellectual understanding helps decision making.

21-22: Sun Sextile Neptune: Receptivity is your key word. Your creativity and sensitivity will be used to help others. Your intuition is activated and your connection with artistic endeavors is highlighted. Improvement to your spiritual well-being is highlighted.

27-28: Sun trine Pluto: Transformation is your key word. Making positive changes and improvements in your life will bring about success. Greater confidence and strength can be manifested helping you to get things done while making strong impressions on others.

In what ways can you use your energies and unique abilities to achieve more? Is the direction you are taking a correct one? Getting some insight into your individual Astrology chart and forecast can provide a greater understanding of who you are and where you are going!! Give yourself the gift of learning about the personal power that exists within your charts with a Motivational Astrology reading - it may just be the thing to finally help you make 2011 your year of accomplishment and prosperity!

Happy APRIL - and Keep Looking Up!
With Much Warmth and StarLight,
-GiGi Sosnoski
Keep Looking Up! Ltd.
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