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Kate Hillier's plants - 23 February

New release plants Week 9 

Trents Nursery Ltd, 03 3491303      

Gazania 'Versuvius'       Gazania 'Versuvius'       Nuflora

-         Large vibrant flowers   

-         Bred to perform & bloom in dry hot conditions 

-         Great foliage flower contrast   

-         Grown in a 2.5L black pot with colour label; in bud with some flower, plant filling diameter of the pot and approx 20cm high

Crazy Daisies (Argyranthemum grutescens, Federation Daisy 'Crazy Pink' 'Crazy White' 'Crazy Yellow' )

-         Consistent double flowers        

-         Pure colours    

-         Flowers hug top of the foliage, don't overgrow and droop         

-         Black plastic 2.5L pot, in bud/flower with all pots showing some colour

-         Always dispatched as a range with plants sitting approx 30cm above pot.

Growing Spectrum, 07 8716166  

Coprosma 'Golden Glow'        

-         Brilliant foliage colour   

-         Hardy evergreen shrub 

-         Supplied in 2L burgundy pot with colour label, approx 15 cm tall.

-         No flowering.

Hebe 'Turkish Delight'

 -         Darkest foliage hebe Bred        

-         NZ bred - released 2005         

-         Hardy evergreen shrub 

-         Dispatched in green 2.5L pot with colour label.

-         Approx 20cm tall.

-         No flowers.

-         Deep burgundy foliage

Pittosporum Humpty Dumpty'  

-         Native Gem     

-         Compact dwarf growth habit     

-         Lime green foliage spring summer          

-         Excellent for clipping to mound or hedge           

-         2.5L hard pot with colour label, trimmed to tight ball shape

Plant Struck, 07 5524962

Cordyline hybrid, Cordyline Red Fountain        

-         Anthony Tesselaar Plants         

-         NZ bred          

-         Low multi branching form         

-         Low maintenace, easy care      

-         17cm, 2.5L and 3.3L gold pots.

-         Plants multistemmed, min 30 cm tall 40cm wide. Foliage only, no flowers.

-         Taglock label on mini proclip stake

Waimea Nurseries, 03 5442700 

Malus domestica Apple Blush Babe TM          

-         Dwarf mop head habit so is ideal for growing in contaniers        

-         Excellent flavoured red fruit, great eaten off tree

-         Good disease resistance so low maintenance     

-         Grafted on 60cm and 90cm standards in 6L pots

InPlants, 09 236 3260

 Plant Name Heuchera Georgia Peach

-         Shade areas in your garden need not be dull.

-         New release Heucheras come in all colours of the rainbow.

-         The latest is called Heuchera Georgia Peach with stunning coral veined leaves and great humidity tolerance.

-         The secret to a stunning shade garden is in how you combine colours.

-         Use the showy foliage of Georgia Peach to either complement other plants or to create a strong contrast effect with other colourful heucheras available from Garden Centres.

-         Heuchera Georgia Peach will be seen on mass at the Flower Show and will be available for sale with a selection of other complementary Heucheras