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Inspiring Kiwis: Sam Chapman

Air NZ Holidays is extremely proud to bring us this week's Inspiring Kiwi, Haami (Sam) Tutu Chapman. Sam believes in peoples' capacity to change, and with this belief he has helped to transform individuals and entire communities.

Sam works with those that society has largely forgotten; providing a helping hand to gang members and ex-justice clients. Through personal empowerment Sam has helped people learn basic life skills and recognise and develop their gifts. This nurtured sense of purpose and self-belief has helped individuals completely transform their lives.

Sam grew up in a Maori community where sharing was part of day to day life. It is these values and this belief system that Sam draws on in his work. He has formalised this (the AWHI model) and uses this process with people from all different walks of life.

Sam and his wife Thelma co-founded the Houhango Rongo Trust in 1989 and the Awhi Foundation in 2008, reflecting the couple's strong commitment to empowering individuals and families. Central to their work is their belief in the importance of the family home - their own home is open to anyone who needs it.

In this special interview , Sam talks about the importance of hope, the success stories he has witnessed and what keeps him motivated and inspired.