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Ika Mata by Will Hall

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Will’s Wedding Ika Mata (for 3 – 6 people) 



4-6 Skinless and Boneless Fish Fillets  (Gurnard is best otherwise Snapper, Blue Cod or Monk – anything with the good oil) 

Lemon (half dozen)

Limes (half dozen) 

Tin of Coconut Cream 

Red Onion 

Spring onion


Cherry Tomatoes


Pawpaw or Mango (Or even Papaya from Fiji) 

Sea Salt


Jalapeno Sauce (I will bring in) 

Olive Oil 


Tools needed 

2 big mixing bowls

6 serving bowls

2 Sharp knives

Chopping board


Table Spoon

Salad Servers



Slice fish finely. 

Put into Large Bowl. 

Roll Lemons and Cut on the Diagonal (remove pips). 

Drown in Lemon and Lime Juice until completely covered (the acidity it was cooks the fish so important to cover). 

At least 2 generous Table Spoons of Coconut Cream. 

Add a Little bit of finely chopped red onion. 

Add half dozen drops of Jalapeno Sauce


Marinate for at least 40 minutes in the fridge


Prepare Salad in the other large bowl.


  • Thinly chopped Red Onion
  • Cucumber cut long ways – remove skin (too sour for Fish)
  • Spring Onion (Stalk – remove top and chop small portions)
  • Cherry Tomatoes cut into 4.
  • Coriander (about 2 fistfuls) – chopped finely using the index finger technique.
  • Mango/Papaya cut in half remove soft centre and slice off skin – chop finely.


Add Sea Salt and Pepper to Fish.


Mix the Two Bowls together.


Serve into 3 – 6 clean Bowls.


Garnish with 4 drops of Jalapeno Sauce around the bowl and whole Coriander.


Add Slice of Lime and drizzle of Olive Oil (optional)