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Iberico and Parmesan Custard on Sourdough

With Nick Honeyman

Iberico and Parmesan Custard on Sourdough

Serves 2

2 Eggs
75g Parmesan
60g Milk
3g Salt
5g Sugar

2 slices Iberico ham (substitute any sliced meats)
2 Slices of sourdough (thickly cut)
Olive oil

Place all ingredients for the parmesan custard in a steel bowl and whisk together.
Whisk on a bain-marie over a high heat for 2-3mins or until it is thick. Keep in a warm place.
In a medium pan lightly color the sourdough on both sides in the olive oil.
Place the bread on a serving plate.
Spoon on the parmesan custard and cover with Iberico. Serve immediately.

(Broadcast: 28 Mar 2012)