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Heather Tait's fertiliser tea - 7 August

Fertiliser Tea using Manure

Grab a bucket with a loose fitting lid or place a saucer over the top. Make you sure you store this well away from any young children who can access it, for safety reasons. (Tight fitting lids may come under pressure during fermentation).  

Fill the bucket with water and allow to stand 24 hours in the sun to break down chlorine. Chlorine may destroy micro-organisms you require to work in the tea mix.

Manure tea - add a quarter bucket of horse, cow or sheep manure. Note: all are herbivores. Cover for one week, stirring occasionally.

To use - add some of the solution to an almost full watering can - keep it dilute - too strong and it can burn. The strength of weak black tea is desirable.

Other Teas:
Comfrey leaves, worm pee, seaweed (latter not so good as foliar feed on young seedlings and lavender)