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Heather's Garden - Boardwalk - 13 Jul

Gardening - Design Focus - Boardwalks

Walking on Water

An increasing trend is to design ponds or swimming pools that can be accessed by walking across them or seemingly standing on them
Water is often a calming contemplative element in a seemingly busy life and these types of boardwalk allow one to rest beside or over it.
Still water has become another outdoor surface, like decking, paving, lawns.
Lakes and ponds were once the prerogative of the larger suburban or country gardens
Modernist architects of the 50's & 60's included water in their boundary pushing homes and the resurgence of interest in these styles has led to more gardens being designed with water features as an extension of the home.
Water clarity is easier to maintain with the introduction of environmentally friendly cleaning products

Gardeners' Diary
Snuggle up in indoors with a garden design book or two for inspiration
Prune grape vines
Copper spray citrus trees against verrucosis
Trim back the last of the flowering perennials to new growth at the base