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Grassy Heads

Practical Parenting expert Kerryn Palmer

Instructions for "Grassy Heads"

No need for exact quantities with this one and I've cast my eye over it but if there's anything I need to fix just let me know

Grassy Heads


Small plastic container/plate
Grass seed
Eyes/card to stick on
Cardboard roll.

Instructions :

Cut a piece of the end of a stocking/panty hose leg about 12 inches long.  Cut off the very end toe section of the stocking/panty hose leg. (This part is double thickness and can be hard for the grass to grow through.) Tie a knot in one end of the 12 inch piece of stocking leg and make sure the knot is firm, then cut the excess off close to this knot.

Next feed the stocking over the cardboard roll. (This makes it easy to put the seed and sand into the stocking and it also keeps the seeds in one area so that your grassy head only has hair on top of his/her head and not all over.) Place grass/lawn seed into the roll. (You need about 1/4 of a measuring cup.) Then carefully fill the roll with clean sand pit sand/soil. Remove the roll out of the stocking a little so that the sand starts to fill the stocking. Repeat this sand process until your piece of stocking holds enough sand to make a ball shape about the size of a soft ball.

When you are happy with the size remove the roll and then holding firmly onto the end twist the ball until the excess is wound up firmly and tie a knot as close as you can to the sand ball. Now cut off the excess stocking, turn sand ball over so that the seed section is located from the top to the back of the head, and place the sand ball onto the plastic plate or in the plastic cup.

Stick on eyes, nose, mouth, ears.

Make sure you keep the water/cup topped up with water; the grassy heads should start growing in a week or so.