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Wicked Wednesday has rolled around once more, so let's get down to some gorgeous gossipy goodness.

Muscle bound lothario Arnold Schwarzenegger is causing yet more controversy over his womanising and spawning of illegitimate children via a tell-all book entitled Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story. But according to close friends of Shriver's his Total Recall is addled by his roid rage and it is about as truthful as a John Banks statement. (This is the opinion of Penny Ashton, Penny Ashton repeat Penny Ashton.)  I am never one to believe "sources close to the xyz" but he hardly appeared contrite and was apparently laughing about certain no doubt painful recollections for Shriver.  His book does praise her continually, which is something after 25 years of marriage, but he is a man of secrets which is interesting in a Governor. Apparently he didn't tell Maria he was undergoing open heart surgery and also did not inform her of his plans to run for Governor until 3 days before announcing.

He's so special. I believe Nadia Ostapchuk has a poster of him on her wall.

It's ailimentary my dear readers. That's right, Bieber seems have caught a little Bieber Fever causing his peristalsis action to reverse, much like I do at the sound of his music, and depositing his milk onstage during a concert in Denver. Some might say he was sick at the sound of his own voice, especially as the track seems to continue when he is in mid-toast-tossing but whatever the reason mid-way through a dance routine Bieber swings around, throws up then runs offstage. I may not be a fan of his sounds but I have to give the wee-un mad props for coming back onstage not long after and finishing an energetic show. He's a true professional to be sure and his fans got to see a side of him they never have before, his insides. Well done laddie. I expect a pile of vomit will appear on ebay any day now.

Seriously Vegas needs to sort itself out. There are some massive leakages occurring and quite frankly I am scared to go there and do naughty things as it seems all news no longer stays in Vegas. This week, it's Paris Hilton's new boyfriend causing issues. Apparently, buoyed on by one too many Mountain Dews, Ms Hilton decided to get better acquainted with a lady's tonsils in the XS nightclub in the Encore casino. However, her new man River Viiperi decided he didn't want to share his Barbie Doll and after throwing a tanty went on to assault the woman's boyfriend. No doubt the victim was telling River to calm down and stop ruining the show. (CODA new reports are surfacing to say none of it is true. That's so the first time that's ever happened&.)

Anne Hathaway may have freaked out at lopping off her long luscious locks to play Fantine in Les Miserables but she still looks rather stunning to me and her wedding pics show the same. She married her long-time boyfriend and jewellery designer Adam Schulman this week in Big Sur, California and looks to be somewhat blissed out. As a new marriage celebrant myself I am a big fan of weddings and people in lerrrrve are rather marvellous. I also cannot wait to see her singing the snot out of "I Dreamed a Dream" on the big screen. I know every single lyric to Les Mis so don't sit next to me.

It's baby popping time in Hollywood this week with both Reese Witherspoon and Drew Barrymore spitting out little bundles of pooey goodness. Personally I like to leave breeding to those with more patience and waterproof clothing, but it's nice to see other people re-populate the planet. Drew was quite the adorable child so I hope she keeps her daughter off her path to drugs and good times all facilitated by that notorious drug fiend E.T. Drew's daughter is named Olive whilst Reese's little lad is called Tennessee. I see country music in his future& oh and PS how will he be fed&.. With a Spoon. Get it!!!

My shock look of the week is none other than that charming 18 year old of good taste Courtney Stodden. For those in the don't know Courtney married Green Mile actor Doug Hutchison, 52, at the tender age of 16. Let's say it together&.. ewwwwwwwwww. She tweets pure sugar and rainbow unicorns but now they have enrolled in the reality show Couples Therapy. This seems like a great show where couples attempt to save their marriages by talking about it on the tele. Genius. This is Courtney taking her dog for a run, in just your average jogging outfit. 

(Broadcast 3 October 2012)

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