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Geoff Scott's Feijoa Souffle

Geoff Scott's Feijoa Souffle

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Watch Geoff make his Souffle here.

Softly whipped peaks of egg whites are they ke to any great soufflé. Be careful not to over whip the egg whites, soft peaks is what you want and you will have perfect soufflés every time. Feijos are at their peak right now. Scoop as many as you can to make a thick rich sweet tart paste and this will produce the most richly perfumed yet delicate textured soufflé.

Serves 4 small souffléor two large ones

4 ramequin moulds (souffle dishes) 150ml or 2 x 200ml
4 tbsp butter (melted in the microwave)
1/2 cup fine caster sugar

20 medium size feijoas, scooped out
2 tbsp cream
1 tbsp sugar
2 egg yolks
5 egg whites

1. Place the feijoas in a small pot & slowly bring them to the boil, turn the heat down and continue to cook till they reach a thick paste. When cool, mix in the cream, sugar and yolks.

2. Preheat the oven to 190C. Place your rack in the middle of the oven and put a baking tray in on top. 

3. Brush the inside of each soufflédish with the melted butter. Tip the sugar into the dish & twist it around so that the sugar coats the sides. Tip the excess into the next dish and repeat the process. Keep in the fridge until ready.

4. Start to whisk the whites slowly with a pinch of salt, then gradually speed up till they are light & fluffy, sprinkle in 1 tablespoon of extra caster sugar, whisk until they form soft peaks. 

5. Add 1/3rd of the whites to the feijoa paste and mix thoroughly, add this gently back to the whites carefully mixing in well. Spoon the mix in the dishes & bake for 10 minutes.

6. Dust the soufflés with icing sugar as they come out of the oven. It's quite fun to cut a little cross in the centre of your souffléand drop in a scoop of vanilla ice-cream!

Recipe by chef & owner Geoff Scott, Vinnies, 166 Jervois Road, Herne Bay, Auckland, phone 376 5597