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The Gentleman: Mark Kalin

Mark Kalin has been one of the most influential magicians of the past decade, bringing his fantastic illusions to casinos, performing arts centres, television shows and his own experimental theatre in Reno, Nevada,  The Magic Underground .

As a young man, Mark's specialty was deception and sleight of hand, but as he grew so did his repertoire of illusions. Working with  The EnchantressJinger Leigh , the duo became known for their fast, dramatic performances, including a number of daring effects with wild animals.

The duo achieved the largest stage illusion of all time, making an American Airlines Jumbo Jet disappear at the Hilton Reno. They have developed a reputation for an innovative blend of illusion and distinctive modern style.

In 1998 Kalin & Jinger were voted magic's highest honour, Magicians of the Year, by the prestigious Academy of Magical Arts-Hollywood's Magic Castle. The award recognized their unique achievements and charismatic performances.