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Friday 16 April

It's all go on Shorty Street at the moment! Yvonne Jeffries recently collapsed from suspected meningitis, and the doctors are saying there's a chance she's brain damaged. Actor Alison Quigan, who plays Yvonne, is here to tell us more!

We check in with our friendly celebrity insider Nelson Aspen to get the latest news from Hollywood.

Do you believe in magic and what is mentalism? International mentalist and magician Phoenix is with us from across the ditch to show us some of his tricks.

Today on the panel we're talking about how the male species deals with the very serious subject of break-ups. Barry Soper, Paul Sinclair, Te Rau Kupenga and Frank Torley weigh in on the subject.

Chef Adam Newell was one of the judges for our Cook-Off competition last month. We thought it would be a great idea to see if he could handle the pressure of a challenge! Stay tuned to find out what he has to do.

Italian cook Virginia Iovine-Turner is here with a delicious beef braciole your family will love!

The school holidays are nearly over. If you're struggling to keep the kids amused on the cheap, Susan Elijas is here with a great recipe for play dough and salt dough.

Winter's not that far away so Karen McDonald from Consumer is here to tell us about firesafe and not-so-firesafe nightwear for your child.

Third-generation beekeeper Peter Ward is passionate about bees and honey. Innovative thinking has helped him take his business from central Otago to the world, and his story features on this week's Country Calendar. Producer Frank Torley is here to tell us more.

It's time for total bliss! We're finishing our five-day beginner's guide to yoga-pilates with Deidre-Lee Allen . Today is a mixture of stretching and meditation.

At this time of the year the light is softer and many deciduous trees are turning warm colours. Gardener Heather Tait is here with flowers and shrubs that look amazing when planted amongst them and she'll take your calls later in the show, so get your fingers at the ready.

Living Earth Garden Diary
- Slug bait out: snails are back with the rain
- Plant parsley, coriander and Italian parsley now
- Feed citrus again
- Plant winter annuals of primula, polyanthus and cyclamen

- All autumn perennial plants etc from California Garden Centre.

Next Friday is Poppy Day and we're holding a special show to commemorate Anzac Day. If you or someone you know has a special war story to share and would like it read out on air, please send us an email to (please put War Stories in the subject line), or you can write to us at this address.

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