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Fostering animals - 22 September

Why do we foster?

- Some animals are just too young to be adopted and we simply don't have the space to keep them at the centre.
- Some can have health problems.
- Some can have problems with their behaviour and temperament and being in foster gives us a chance to assess their problems as wells as often helping them to improve.
- It's often better for the animal's overall health and well-being to be in a healthy, 'normal' home environment rather than staying at the animal centre.

What animals do we foster?

All sorts of animals need temporary homes including fledgling birds, hedgehogs, rabbits, cats and kittens and dogs and puppies.

Who can be a fosterer?

Anyone, but there are a few criteria you need to be able to meet:
- You will need a spare or unused room where the animal can be left in peace and if you have your own pet, it needs to be kept separate at all times.
- You need to be a homeowner or have your landlord's permission to have animals on the property.
- You need your own transport.
- If you foster a dog you need to have a fully-fenced section.
- Working full-time does not mean that you cannot be a foster carer - we will find an animal that best suits your circumstances.

What you need?

Time and commitment are really important. Fostering kittens can sometimes mean that you need to be able to feed them every 3 hours - day and night. Some animals may need to be in foster for a number of months, but kittens, for example, usually only need to be fostered for about 4-8 weeks

We provide all the equipment you need:
- Bedding - the only animals we don't provide housing for are hedgehogs, birds and rabbits.
- Food.
- Litter.
- Feeding bowls.
- All veterinary care which we do at the centre.