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Fifi's Crafts - Wedding Favours - 2 Oct


 Make your own personalized gifts for wedding guests as a memento of your special day. These pretty boxes will delight everyone!

 You will need

A pillow or puffy box template - there are many you can download for free on the internet; just search for 'packaging templates'.
Lightweight card - have a look in art and craft supply shops for really lovely card with patterns or textures.
Scissors, ruler, pencil
Beads, ribbon and trimmings

1)      Trace out the template onto your card. You should be able to fit two to an A4 sheet.

2)      Cut them out and score the curved lines with a pointed but blunt tool. The pointed end of a set square, chopstick, ruler, skewer or even hair pin works well.

3)      Fold and glue the box together along the sides.

4)      The curved ends of the box will bend inwards and hold in place by themselves.

5)      Decorate the box with ribbon, strands of beads, love hearts or whatever suits the theme of your wedding. Paua shell pieces tied on with sea green ribbon look lovely against sandy-coloured paper for a summer beach wedding. Traditional white is very classy for a formal occasion and a tiny red rose bud glued into place with gold ribbon is stunning. Use scraps of fabric left over from the bridesmaid and wedding dresses or sprigs of the wedding flowers.

6)      Pop a treat into the box; sugared almonds, fancy chocolates, Hershey's Kisses. Close the ends up and they are ready to put on each guests table setting - or put them on a tray, or in a large bowl for guests to help themselves. You may need to make a few extra for kids!