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Fifi's Crafts - Reptile wraps - 29 May

Reptile Wraps

Get all snaky with these fun accessories.

You will need:

  • A cardboard tube- the sort from paper towel roll is perfect
  • An egg carton
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paints
  • Optional: Glitter, pasta shapes, tissue paper etc.

1) Cut diagonally around the tube from top to bottom in a spiral; follow the faint lines on it if there are some; they are where it has been rolled and glued when it was manufactured.
2) Now cut the spiral in half again lengthways; you should now have two spirals of the same length.
3) Trim the ends of each spiral- to a curved point on one end (this will form part of the jaw) and to a tapered tail at the other.
4) From the off cuts, cut out two forked tongues.
5) Open and egg carton and cut out one of the pointed separators that keep the eggs apart. Slice it down the middle so you have two pieces. Round the edges off with scissors. These will be the snake heads.
6) Glue the heads to each of the spirals, so that the mouth is open.
7) Glue a tongue into each mouth.
8) Paint the snakes and, if you like, decorate with glitter.
9) Wind them around your wrists and forearms.


Snakes Alive!!!!
Other decoration ideas:

  • Glue pasta or card board shapes onto the spirals and spray paint them gold for an ancient Egyptian/Aztec look.
  • Paint them in sea colours for a mermaid or Atlantis feel.
  • Forget the heads- paint them brightly and glue trailing ribbons or tissue paper to them and create movement to music.