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Fifi's Crafts - Pasta Picture Frames - 3 Jul

Fifi - Pasta Picture Frames

These have been around forever& an old favourite of mine. Pasta comes in such interesting shapes that it seems a waste just to cook 'em!

You will need:
Thick card
Craft knife, pencil and ruler
Pasta shapes- as many as possible; rice is good too!
PVA glue
Spray paint

 Take a 30 cm square piece of cardboard and draw another square inside it- about 7 cm from the edges.
Cut out the inside square. Make sure your craft knife blade is really sharp so you don't use too much pressure which can cause the blade to slip or snap. False economy on blades causes accidents!
Arrange the pasta into interesting patterns around the frame and glue them down using plenty of PVA glue. Cover the whole surface of the frame with pasta.
When the glue is completely dry (overnight), spray paint the frame.
You can then attach a picture or mirror to the back of the frame using tape.

 Use this as a basic math game with your child. Decide how many pasta shells will be needed to fill a corner and times it by four for instance. Get your child to count out the pieces and group them so they can see what four times the original pasta shell amount looks like.

 When you have finished the frame, cook up the leftover pasta together for a meal. Your child can help with timing the pasta, grating the cheese and making a simple sauce. So much learning, so much fun and such full tummies at the end of the day!