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Fifi's Craft: Wine Collars

Wine Collars

Give a wine bottle a gorgeous textured scarf when you next take one out to a winter pot luck!

You will need:

Fabric: use synthetics- ones that will melt when heated at high temperatures. Organza, tulle, net and thin lycras are good.
A heat gun (Bunnings sell them cheap- a hairdryer is not hot enough)
Scissors & thread
A bead or button
A wooden board or other heat resistant surface (my ironing board with its protective cover worked well)

1) Cut fabric (use different colours) into three strips measuring 5cm wide by around 45cm long.

2) Layer them and sew a long gather stitch down the centre. A sewing machine does this best but you can do it by hand if you dont have one.

3) Pull up the stitch to gather the strip to reduce its length by half. Tie the thread ends to stop the gather from coming loose.

4) Lay the gathered fabric onto a board and get your heat gun out.

5) Gently heat the edges of the fabric until they curl. It doesnt matter if you melt holes in the edges- that just adds to the great texture.

6) When you are satisfied with the effect, cross the two ends over and secure halfway up with a bead or button.

7) Pop it around your wine bottle neck and off you go!