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Fifi's craft:Textured tissue art - 2 November

Here is a great way of making art from simple materials that has wonderful texture.

You will need:
Tissue paper in different colours. If you just have white that's fine as long as you have paint.
PVA / white craft glue
Acrylic paints
White cardboard or a small canvas
A flat paintbrush (the cheap sort are fine)

1) Spread a layer of glue over the surface of your canvas or cardboard.
2) Lay a piece of tissue paper over the glue and gently, with your fingertips, create wrinkles in it. Avoid making bug bubbles of tissue- think of old wrinkled skin; thats the look you are going for.
3) Let it dry.
4) Take a flat brush and using a small amount of acrylic paint, drag the brush over the surface of the tissue paper to bring up the texture. This is called dry brushing- using a small amount of un-watered down paint and building up layers of colour.

So that's the technique, now time for the variations!

- Use different colour tissue papers to create landscapes or patterns. Layer them on strips and move them about on the wet glue until you like the position. Don't forget the wrinkled texture!
- Paint solid black around areas to create strong pictures: for instance, you can make a wonderful moonlit landscape by dry brushing a patch of white tissue with subtle yellows and greens, then black around it to create the full moon shape. Layers of white, green, pale blue and yellow tissue paper will make the land and hills beneath.
- Dry brush colours over colours, see what kind of texture you can build up on the tissue. Create leaf pictures or sea pictures.
- If you create a whole page of this technique in different colours, you can cut it up when dry and make great shapes to stick on cards or make gift tags from.