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Fifi's craft - Pohutukawa ties - 10 November

With Christmas around the corner and all those spring birthdays, here's a little gift tag that will look great on a present, a bottle or a tree!

You will need
Red, yellow and green paper
Glue stick 
Gold thread or cording
Fifi's templates (optional)

1) Cut out a 8.5cm circle from the red paper.

2) Cut another 9.5cm one from the yellow paper. If you have craft scissors with shaped edges, they give these a lovely finish.

3) Glue the two pieces together at their centres.

4) Fold them in half, then in half again, open them out and cut along the crease lines until about 1cm from the middle. Snip each quarter up towards the middle several times so that you have a circle of fringing.

5) Fold the circle up into a quarter circle shape again with the red on the outside and staple it through the top. Fluff out the fringes a little.

6) Cut out a stem shape (see Fifi's template) from the green paper and glue it on over the staple so that it forms a loop.

7) Thread a price of gold thread through the loop and tie it so that you have a pretty pohutukawa flower.

Make heaps of them to hang off a Christmas Tree. Make them into earrings or hang them off your tee-shirt with a safety pin. These look super good around the neck of a wine bottle or taped onto a box of chocolates.  Perfect for a thankyou.
I photocopied my templates onto the paper, or run them through a home printer. If you don't have coloured paper, pull out pages from a magazine in flowery colours and use the templates to make your shapes from recycled paper.