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Fifi's craft - Paper cup planters - 13 October

Sow a few seeds for summer in these fun little planters! This a great activity for kids which teaches them the basics of weaving and seed propagation.

You will need (for the planter)
A regular sized paper coffee cup (the plainer the better)
Coloured paper
Wool (optional)
Double sided tape or glue dots

1) Cut vertical lines down the paper cup from top to the bottom. Make them around 1cm apart all around the cup so you have long thin flaps.

2) Cut strips of coloured paper 1cm or less wide and 21 cm long. You can use pages from a magazine too for added colour and interest.  Cut some pieces of wool 21 cm to the same length. If you have interesting textured wool, this gives a great effect.

3) On the outside of one of the flaps, tape one end of a paper strip. Now weave it under and over all the way around until you get back to where you started and tape it in place. It is easier if you bend the flaps out a little as you weave.

4) Tape another strip of paper above the last one and weave it around the cup, making sure that you have alternated the strips so that the flaps are held secure.

5) Work your way up and around the cup with strips of paper and wool until you have reached the top. You should now have a nice bright woven cup!

Now for the planting.

Fill a small plastic disposable cup with potting mix and push your seeds into it. Give it a drink of water and pop the plastic cup inside the woven paper one.

Put it in a sunny place and water it every other day or when it dries out a bit. Don't drown your seeds!

When your seedling grows and looks strong enough and the cold weather has left us alone for summer, pull the plastic cup out of the planter and gently tap the sides, giving it a wee squeeze until your seedling and some of the dirt comes out easily. Plant it in your garden and watch it grow!