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Fifi's Craft - Little Landscapes - 25 Mar

Little Landscapes

Stanley Palmer is a masterful artist and in his book, 'To the Harbour' has used
colour monoprints to create his pictures. Here is a very simplified version of the technique.

You will need:
- A shiny tile, piece of glass or Perspex. I used a left over wall tile.
- Paint- use student acrylic or tempera.
- Paintbrush- not too fine.
- Thick paper- buy a cheap sketch pad and use sheets from that.
- Plastic spray bottle filled with water- get one for $2. Very handy and you can mist the house plants with it afterwards.
- A thick soft pencil (optional).

1) Dampen a piece of paper with the spray mister, put it aside.
2) Paint a mountain or sea scene thickly onto your tile or glass. Work quickly and don't let the paint dry out.
3) Lay your damp sheet of paper onto the painted surface and press it down. If you like, use a thick soft pencil to draw simple lines into the back of it. Pres down firmly but not so much that you tear the paper.
4) Peel the paper off and see what you have!
5) When it is dry, water down some more colours and paint them over your print like watercolor with a soft brush to create depth in your picture.

This technique is traditionally done with oil based paints which gives a better result but more difficult to work with around kids. If you use oil colours, make sure you thin them with linseed oil and wash the brush out with turpentine afterwards. They will also take longer to dry.
If you are a control freak about your painting, this method won't suit you at all, because the results are fairly unpredictable. But that is sometimes a very good thing to have you loosen up a bit!