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Fifi's Craft: Cute Cardi Clips

The weather is turning colder and you've dragged out last years cardi to find that it is a missing a button or two and doesn't fit so well across the front anymore and to be frank; well it's a bit dowdy. But you love it because of the colour and besides you spent too much on it to throw it away. So, here's the solution: glam it up with a cardi clip!

You will need:

- Clip on earring backs (or tear apart some old ones!)
- A short length of chain (about 20 cm)
- Large jump rings
- Pliers, scissors, thread
- Beads, fabric, buttons...
- A small scrap of felt
- Epoxy glue (5 minute Araldite is good)
- Pliers

1.  Cut your chain into two lengths: 7cm piece and 9cm piece.
2.  Join them together on a jump ring at each end.
3.  Glue the jump rings to the earring fronts.
4.  Glue a small circle of felt to the underside of each earring back- that is the bit that would rest on the front of your earlobe. This will stop the clips from doing any damage to your cardigan.
5.  Glue decorations onto the fronts of the earring clips.
6.  Clip to the neck of your cardi and voila! Transformed!

Here are some things you could glue on:

- fancy decorative buttons
- Felt and bead flowers
- Silk bows
- Crystal beads
- Paua shell (or any other small shells)
- Flat wooden beads hand painted with arty flourishes
- Fimo flowers or beads you have made
- Self covered buttons (to match a dress you've made perhaps?)
- You can use old clip on earrings and just glue the chain to them too.

The list goes on! You can also substitute a string of beads for a chain if you like.  These make inexpensive and really pretty gifts as well as giving your old cardi a new lease of life.