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Fact Sheet: Jackie O'Fee - Dressing your derriere


Is there a 'perfect' bum?
Fashion says small & slim (model-esque), street fashion says round and pert, and Kim K & J-Lo both rock some serious "junk in the trunk" so I don't think so.

Can you dress your bum to look great?
Yep, the right pants, skirts and even jackets can help your rear view.

Let's start with flat bums or 'no bum' - what do you do?
Flat bums need to have a bit of oomph added: flap pockets on your trou, and pockets slightly higher are good. Gathering is great (there's loads of baggies that will work). Believe it or not, fitted jackets with peplums and details at the back of the waist are good too. 

Ok, a big bum?
When you are buying jeans you want to look for a 'dipped' yoke at the rear and shaped rear pockets as these create kind of 'inward' lines. You also want a decent size pocket, not too small but not too large, either. Your jackets should have a double vent if possible.

What about a broad butt?
Keep the pockets of your trou closer to the centre seam, and wear things that make your shoulder appear broader to balance. Pants without pockets or simple vent pockets are good too.

If you've got a big bum can you wear skinny jeans? 
Yes, but you need to make sure they have a relaxed 'crunch' at the ankle or roll them slightly. Oh, and wear them with a decent ankle boot or slightly chunkier shoe.

What are some of this seasons trend that work or don't work for different bums?
Big bums won't work so well in gathered trou, high-waist trou can make a bum look as if it starts at your waist, so be careful, and super skinny's need a bit to make them work. Bomber jackets and biker jackets are both quite short, so these are great for most bums.