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Eru Tutaki's Manuka smoked lamb rump burger

Eru Tutaki's Manuka smoked lamb rump burger with a horopito mint relish and kumara crisps (using my hangi in a pan method)

For more on Eru Tutaki, head  HERE.

2 fried bread (or burger bun)
2 lamb rump
2 portabella mushrooms
2 slices of tomatoes
2 tblsp of horopito mint relish (see recipe below)
20g mescaline
Garnish with kumara crisps on the side

(To use hangi in a pan method you'll need a fry pan, some manuka bark a camping toaster, kawakawa or patete leaves, a wet cloth and some tin foil.)

Sear the lamb rump and mushrooms in a pan.
Remove, place manuka bark in pan, place toaster inside, then the lamb rump. Cover with kawakawa leaves or patete leaves, a wet hangi sac, tin foil and cook for 5min.

Mint Relish


5ml Oil
2 onions (sliced)
Handful of mint (finely chopped)
40ml white wine vinegar
1 horopito leaf
2 tblsp brown sugar
1 tblsp sweet chilli sauce

Place oil and onions in a pan. Once cooked, add all remaining ingredients and reduce by half.

Final step:

Uncover the hangi.
Remove lamb and mushroom.
Use half the fried bread and place mushroom, sliced lamb, mint relish, tomato and mescaline then top with other part of the fried bread. Garnish with a side of kumara crisps.