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Darryl's teens and a Book Review - 19 Jul

Darryl Gardiner - Parenting Coach

 Review of the resource book Before your kids drive you crazy read this by Nigel Latta.  Published by Harper Collins 2006.
Q. Last time we said the book by Dianne Levy "Of course I love you now go to your room" was an excellent resource for parents. Tell me about the book By Nigel Latta "Before your kids drive you crazy read this".
A.  They have a number of things in common, the main one of which is that they are both written by Kiwis in a NZ context.  Nigel Latta is a Clinical Psychologist with a lot of experience in NZ in working with some very difficult cases. This, his latest book, is excellent with real practical tips and in down to earth language.
Q.  So what are some of the key points from the book?
A. The book is full of good stuff so it would not be fair to sum it up in a few phrases abut there are four key issues he addresses.
 1.  The three 'R's of parenting....relationship, relationship, relationship. Raising kids needs this at its base. 
 2.  Be consistent...ish!  It states how realistically none of us are fully consistent so don't beat your self up.
 3.  The ladder of certain doom....a great title for a simple and effective tool parents can use in getting compliance in relatively stress free situations......I love the language he uses.
 4.  Practical issues like good eating, enough sleep, sticker charts and a whole chapter on keeping your kids safe.
Q. The book is primarily focused on pre-teens, so how is it of help to parents of teens?
A. Firstly the better we do with the kids and ourselves as pre-teens the better we do with them as teens.  Secondly a lot of the principles are good at any age and in a range of situations.  I think a good rule is we get later on what we tolerate early on!