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D.I.Y: Toycart

With Mel Browne

D.I.Y Toycart

Safety warning
PPE (Always use Personal Protective Equipment) when using tools for cutting etc and always dress appropriately with safety in mind.

Tools Required
Ruler, set square, tape measure, pencil and tape measure (measuring/checking tools)
Battery drill (18volt cordless black and decker)
Drillbits (pilot bit 3.0mm and 4.0mm) (10.0mm and 12mm)
Countersunk bit
Squaredrive bit (or you can use a squaredriver instead)
Wholesaw - size 150mm (used for cutting out the 4 wheels for the toycart)
Sander (electric)
Hacksaw (to cut the 10mm threaded rod which will be our axials for the wheels)

Materials Required
MDF 18mm. Please see layout of plan to simplify all parts required
1. Front and back panels of cart are 18.0mm by 130mm by 400mm.
2. 2 side panels of the cart are 18.0mm by 130mm by 600mm.
3. The base is 18.0mm by 400mm by 520mm only one of.
4. Precut 4 of 18.0mm by 150mm these are the wheels for the cart use the 150mm wholesaw.
5. Using 10mm rod cut 2 pieces 500mm long one for each axial using a hacksaw also don't forget the washers and nuts 10mm.
6. Handles, using pine 2 of 45mm by 30mm and 600mm long and an 18mm dowel clear pine 370mm in length
7. Sandpaper, white stickers, plastikote gloss super (spray paint) colour red for decorating.
8. Squaredrive screws size 1.5inch 4 of and size 2 inch 12 of.

1. Place the base on a flat surface in front of you.
2. Grab the front and back panels and repeat the procedure for both. Measure and mark 60mm height and draw a straight line right across from one edge to the other.
3. Measure and mark 9.0mm from each edge and also find the centre of the 400mm which is 200mm and make a mark ready for predrilling. Total of 3.
4. Grab the side panels and repeat the procedure for both. Measure and mark a height of 60mm and draw a straight line from edge to edge. Measure in 120mm from each edge and mark it and find the centre of 600mm which is 300mm and mark it ready for predrilling. Measure and mark a height of 30mm draw a straight line right across and from each edge mark 120mm this is the wheel position using a 10mm drill bit drill then insert the 12.0mm drill bit and drill 2 holes repeat the above process for both side panels.
5. Once all measuring and markings are complete we then are ready for the predrilling process.
6. Once predrilling process is done we then insert the countersink bit into the battery drill ready for countersunk process.
7. Countersink all holes except the wheel holes which are 12.0mm in diameter.
8. We are now ready for assembly stage. HOORAY!
9. Start off by assembling the front and back panels to the base using the 2 inch squaredrive screws a total of 6 screws tip always insert screws loosely until checking for level is done then tighten last.
10. Bring the side panels together on both sides and insert screws once again making sure everything is square a total of 6.
11. Once cart is assembled then insert the 2 rods with washers and nuts and wheels.
12. Insert the premade handles secure with 4  of the 1.5inch squaredrive screw that is 2 per side.
13. Finally sand down any rough surfaces and clean ready for painting.


(Broadcast: 20 Apr 2012)