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Crazy cooking with kids

With Kerryn Palmer

Yes it's messy but if you have the time and patience kids love to cook with you.

Things that are great to make with kids:

- Bread-by hand or in bread maker-they love to knead and shape the bread.
- Butter-just shake some cream with a pinch of salt in a jar-takes a lot of shaking but tastes great and is a good process to show.
- Pikelets-interesting shaped ones
- Gingerbread shapes-all sorts of cookie cutters, can ice these.
- Muffins
- Cheese scones
- Pizza
- Cheese on toast
- Sandwiches
- Biscuits
- Cakes
- Burgers
- Homemade chips
- Soup
- Smoothies
- Fruit kebabs
Pretty much anything!

Get your aprons on, don't worry about the mess and talk about where the food comes from, about measuring, stirring, tasting, how things feel and look, whether  they taste sour, sweet, salty.

Plan a menu with your kids, work out what you are going to need to buy, budget, and then go shopping. Cook the meal together, make a big deal, candles, tablecloth, menu, all sitting up at table. This can take all day and can be a great sense of achievement.
Cooking is all science and maths, great for communication skills, sense of self esteem and lots of fun!

It's also great fun to experiment with making some inventive gruesome grub and disgusting dishes!

Today we are looking at three things:

Beheaded Aliens

For one large or two small aliens, you need:

1 packet of jelly
6 marshmallows
Dry spaghetti sticks or skewers
Sweets for eyes

Make jelly as per instructions, pour into a round head-shaped bowl and set in fridge.

Dip bowl in warm water when set to ease jelly and turn out on to a plate

Put marshmallows onto dry pasta or skewers and push into jelly like antennae.

Position lollies for eyes-however many you want!

Monster Pizzas

You can buy readymade pizza bases or:

Make some with flour, yeast, salt, warm water and oil.

Then once it has risen, roll out into different shapes, skull, monster, anything you like.

Decorate with pasta sauce on the bottom and then use:  cheese, olives, salami, ham, vegetables to make crazy faces , monsters, animals anything you like.

Add toppings before baking in oven at 200 degrees Celsius for 20-25 minutes.

Dead Man's Hand

Dead man's hand is easy, not at all healthy, but lots of fun.

Make up some red jelly then pour mixture into a very clean new rubber glove.

Seal it by folding over at least twice and pegging it firmly.

Put on a plate palm down and put in freezer overnight.

Next day cut off the glove.

Decorate with red food colouring and put red liquorice laces to make veins on the back of the hand.

(TX: 15 June 2011)