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Crème caramel

With Guillaume Nicoli

Time: 1 hour
Serves: 4
Cost: $5


250g milk
1 vanilla pod
250g cream
175g eggs (1 egg = 55g)
110g sugar
75g sugar for the caramel.


Melt the sugar with a bit of water into a pot, wait until the caramel changes colour, then display into the ramekins.

Put into a bowl - the milk with vanilla pod, leave it infusing for 15 min, then add the cream.  Mix eggs and sugar and then add to the milk and vanilla pod mixture.

Display the mix in the ramekin, pre-heat the oven in 180 degrees and display the ramekin into a cooking dishes, put some water in the dish until half high and cook as a bain-marie during 45min.

(TX: 15 September 2011)