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Cocoa powder mirror glaze

With George Havlik

Time: 25 mins
Cost: $7.50


180g Cream (use Soy milk and make this glaze dairy free)
150g Water
270g Sugar
90g cocoa powder
9g gelatine leaves (soak in ice cold water)


Place cream, water and sugar (in little bigger pot as the syrup will fizz up in the pot while boiling) and boil reduce heat and cook to 105C.

Pour into a tall measuring jug or container and then add in the cocoa powder and gelatine leaves to the cream, water and sugar Mix. Blend with stick blender until there are no lumps. Pass through a sieve and cover with glad wrap so it touches the mixture and place in fridge over night.

The next day, warm it up to 40C in microwave and pour over sealed and lightly frozen mud cake

The cocoa powder is the flavour giver in this recipe so choose better quality cocoa powder.
This glaze will keep in fridge for 7 days or in the freezer for 1 month.

How to roll Chocolate Ganache Truffles and finishing &
Use the pre-made ganache from the day before. Have some cocoa power, roasted sliced almonds and grated dark or milk chocolate ready.

(TX: 4 August 2011)