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Christmas Extravaganza Competition

Enter once below to go in the draw to win the prizes!

Winners will be chosen by a random draw from those registered on the website to win a Christmas Cracker prize, a 12 Gifts of Christmas prize or the Nissan Juke car! Our Good Morning host will announce, on air, the prize each winner has won.

Our Good Morning hosts may call the winning entrant for the Nissan Juke car who will need to be available to talk with the hosts live on air when we announce the winner.


The winner of the Nissan Juke is Kylie Barnes of Oamaru!
Prize One
Prize Two
Prize Three
Prize Four
Prize Five
Prize Six
Prize Seven
Prize Eight
Prize Nine
Prize Ten
Prize Eleven
Prize Twelve

Find out the Christmas Cracker prize winners here!


The prizes available to win include:
(1) a Nissan Juke car;
(2) a LG French door refrigerator;
(3) a LG Front Loader Washing Machine;
(4) 6 Chrisco Pantry stocker hampers;
(5) 7 Kagi Jewellery prize packs;
(6) an Akai home entertainment package from The Warehouse
(7) 3 J Lilli jewellery prize packs from The Warehouse;
(8) an Epsom Bedroom Furniture pack from The Warehouse;
(9) a Favourite Toys Pack from The Warehouse;
(10) a $500 Online Warehouse Voucher;
(11) a $500 Red Alert Warehouse Voucher;
(12) a Playstation package including a Playstation 3 console a selection of  games and a $50 PSN Card;
(13) 2 sets of Black & Decker tools;
(14) 2 Evolve Bracelets;
(15) a range of Scanpan Cookware products;
(16) a range of Cuisinart kitchen products;
(17) a selection of Nutrimax Cookware products; 
(18) products from the Breville range of kitchen appliances;
(19) 5 AA memberships ;
(20) 10 MTA Gift Cards;
(21) 5 LoveLoops Vouchers;
(22) 5 Little Tikes Products from Planet Fun;
(23) 6 Masport Mower and Barbeque products;
(24) a Pipsqueak Prize pack;
(25) 10 Elizabeth Arden gift packs;
(26) 5 Milkbook Vouchers;
(27) packs of Crayola colouring books and markers;
(28) a selection of Products from Impact PR;
(29) a Park Lane Leather Handbag;
(30) a Mole Map Voucher;
(31) 10 Dr Lewinn's gift packs;
(32) Purina pet products;
(33) Manuka Dr Skincare Products;
(34) Invisible Zinc Suncare Packs;
(35) NZ Skincare products;
(36) Rainbows End Passes;
(37) a selection of books from Bookreps ;
(38) a selection of products from The Playing Mantis ; and
(39) a selection of Allen's Confectionary.

Terms and Conditions

1. The Christmas Cracker competition ("Cracker Competition") will start on Monday 26 November 2012 and daily draws will take place from Monday 3 December to Thursday 6 December (inclusive) and from Monday 10 December to Thursday 13 December 2012 (inclusive). Each winner of the Cracker Competition ("Cracker Winner") together with the details of the prize they have won ("Cracker Prize") will be posted on the Good Morning website after each Cracker Competition draw.

2. The 12 Gifts of Christmas competition ("Gifts Competition") will start on Monday 26 November 2012 and daily draws will take place from Monday 3 December to Friday 14 December 2012 (inclusive). Each winner of the Gifts Competition ("Gifts Winner") together with the details of the prize they have won ("Gift Prize") will be posted on the Good Morning website after each Gifts Competition draw.

3. The Nissan Juke ("Car") competition ("Car Competition") will start on Monday 26 November 2012 and be drawn on Friday 14 December 2012. The winner of the Car Competition ("Car Winner") together with the details of the Car prize they have won ("Car Prize") will be posted on the Good Morning website after the Car Competition draw.

4. Each Cracker Winner, Gifts Winner and the Car Winner are together the winners ("Winners"). The Cracker Competition, Gifts Competition and Car Competition are together the competition ("Competition").

5. The Cracker Prizes, Gift Prizes and Car Prize that are available to win are outlined in 5 (a) - (a12) below (together the "Prizes"):
(a) the Car Prize; (b) an LG French door refrigerator; (c) an LG front loading washing machine; (d) one of 6 Chrisco Pantry products;  (e) one of 7 Kagi Jewellery packs; (f) an Akai Home Entertainment package from The Warehouse, (g) one of 3 J Lilli Jewellery packs from The Warehouse; (h) an Epsom Bedroom furniture pack from The Warehouse; (i) a favourite Toys Pack from The Warehouse; (j) a $500 Online Warehouse Voucher; (k) a $500 Red Alert Voucher from The Warehouse; (l) a Playstation package including a Playstation 3 console, games and a $50 PSN card; (m) one of 2 Black & Decker Tool sets; (n) one of 2 Evolve Bracelets; (o) one of 9 Scanpan Cookware products; (p) one of 18 Cuisinart products; (q) one of 5 Nutrimax products; (r) one of 6 Breville cookware products and kitchen appliances; (s) one of 5 AA memberships; (s) one of 10 MTA gift cards; (t) one of 5 Love Loop Vouchers; (u) one of 5 Little Tikes Toy Products; (v) one of 6 Masport products; (w) a Pipsqueak prize pack; (x) one of 10 Elizabeth Arden packs; (y) one of five Milkbook vouchers; (z) one of 35 double packs from Crayola; (a1) a selection of products from Impact PR; (a2) a Park Lane Leather Handbag; (a3) one Mole Map Voucher; (a4) one of 10 Dr Lewinn's gift packs; (a5) one of 8 Purina Pet packs; (a6) one of 8 Manuka Dr gift packs; (a7) one of 8 Invisible Zinc Suncare packs; (a8) one of 10 NZ Skincare packs; (a9) one of 10 Rainbows End family passes; (a10) one of a selection of books for the whole family from Bookreps; (a11) one of a selection of toy products from The Playing Mantis; and (a12) a selection of Allen's Confectionary pack.

6. To enter the Competition, an entrant ("Entrant") must enter the following details on the Good Morning website: their full name; their address for the delivery of any Prize; contact phone number(s) and their email address. If an entry ("Entry") is incomplete it will be invalid. There is only one Entry allowed per person.

7. The on-line Entrant registration form will remain open until noon on Thursday 13 December 2012.

8. The Car Prize:
(a) is a Nissan Juke Ti, which has a recommended retail price of $33,990;
(b) includes all on-road costs including a Warrant of Fitness, registration, number plates, a full tank of fuel, and 12 months registration in the name of the Car Winner; and
(c) is Platinum (silver) in colour.

9. The Car Winner:
(a)  must hold a valid New Zealand driver's licence in order to win the Car Prize;
(b) is responsible for insuring the Car; and
(c) must collect the Car from the nearest Nissan dealership to the Car Winner at a time agreeable to all parties.

10. Television New Zealand Limited ("TVNZ") accepts no responsibility for Entries that are misdirected, lost, stolen, damaged, delayed or incomplete.

11. TVNZ will select two Entrants by random draw on each day of the Competition. Subject to these terms and conditions, each selected Entrant will be a Winner in that day's Competitions.

12. If a Car Winner is not contactable by phone, their Entry will be removed from the Car Competition. TVNZ will then select, by random draw, another Entrant until a Car Winner is secured.

13. The Car Winner must be able to speak to a Good Morning host live on air on Good Morning on the day the Car Prize is announced.

14. Entrants not selected will remain in contention for selection on subsequent days of the Competition until the conclusion of the Competition.

15. The Gifts Prizes and the Cracker Prizes will be filled with a different Prize on each day those Competitions are run.

16. Each Winner will have their Prize or the relevant documentation, delivered to the address they give on their entry. Each Winner should allow up to 21 days for delivery of their Prize or the relevant documentation. TVNZ is not responsible for the safe delivery of any Prize or the relevant documentation, although all care will be taken.

17. In the event any Winner is unable to be contacted by TVNZ, then TVNZ may at its complete discretion draw another Winner. All decisions of TVNZ are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

18. Employees of TVNZ and their immediate family members, associated agencies or anyone else professionally connected with this Competition are not eligible to enter.

19. All Prizes are subject to availability, are non-transferable and not redeemable for cash.

20. Competitors acknowledge that each Prize is provided by sponsors and agree that TVNZ will not be responsible for the failure of any sponsor to provide all or any part of the Prize.  TVNZ accepts no responsibility for the quality of any Prize.

21. Neither TVNZ nor any other person or party associated with the Competition shall be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever suffered (including, but not limited to, direct, indirect and/or consequential loss) or personal injury suffered or sustained in connection with either participation in the Competition or with any Prize or any part of it.

22. Any word that is singular may also include the plural.

23. By entering this Competition you agree to the TVNZ standard terms and conditions on the TVNZ website as well as those specific to this Competition.