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Carolyn Press McKenzie's gorse recipes - 16 September

Gorse Flower Cordial

I really didn't believe that Gorse smells like coconut, but after gathering a bucket of flowers for this recipe I was pleasantly delighted!

Try making this sweet, delicate cordial that becomes infused with the subtle coconut flavour of Gorse. Best made in spring when the flavour of the gorse flower is the strongest.

Four large handfuls of gorse flowers.
600ml cold water 
250g caster sugar 
Zest of 1 orange 
Juice of 1 lemon

Bring the water and sugar mixture to a rapid boil and keep boiling for 10 minutes. Remove pan from the heat.
Add the lemon juice, orange zest, and gorse flowers to the sugar water (syrup). Stir in well and leave until cooled or overnight.
Strain the liquid through muslin or a jelly bag into a clean container such as a glass jug. You should end up with roughly 500ml of liquid.
Pour into a sterile bottle, cap and store. Refrigerate once you have given into temptation.

Enjoy your gorse flower cordial syrup.

Gorse can give hope and courage

Gorse as a Bach Flower Remedy, helps those who have lost hope, who feel that nothing will ever be better, or that they will never be well again, to have faith in their own inner resources and in a positive outcome.

How to Make Flower Essences

Flower essences are wonderful tools for self-transformation, especially for working on the emotions, which are key to creating a feeling of wellbeing. Making your own essences from the plants around you can give you a range of personalised tools to lift and change your mood.

Flower essences are very safe, they work at a vibrational level, in a similar way to homeopathic remedies. You can take them along with any current medication, even give them to children and pets.

You will need
A gorse bush
A small, clear glass bowl
Spring water
Filter paper- coffee filter papers are fine, preferably unbleached
A glass jug
Brandy, for preserving the finished essence
A small funnel
A small bottle, preferably with a pipette

All of the items should be very clean, and the glassware sterilised

Choose a nice sunny day with no cloud to make your gorse flower essences. It's best to gather the flowers between 9am and 12pm so the flowers are freshly opened.
Fill the small glass bowl with spring water and place on the ground in the sun.
Asking permission from the plant in your mind, and with gratitude, carefully pick enough flowers to cover the surface of the water.
Leave the essence for about 3 hours net to the bush to develop in the sun. The sun's rays help the energy signature of the flower move into the water.
Strain the flowers from the water into a jug using filter paper
Decant into the bottle, half filling it, adding the same amount again of brandy to preserve your essence. 
Cap the bottle and write a label, include the date and type of flower. This bottle holds the Mother Essence.
You can dilute this 'mother' essence further to make a 'stock' bottle:
The stock bottle is the actual essence you use for treatment.
Take another small clean bottle and fill with brandy. Just two or three drops of the mother essence added to the stock bottle will carry the energy signature throughout the contents. So your mother essence will last you an extremely long time.

Take your essence by adding a couple of drops to a glass of water, or add a few drops to a bottle of water to sip throughout your day. It may be helpful to keep a diary to note any emotions or changes that occur. This will help you work out what your essence does. You can make up a bottle for a friend to use too and compare notes.

Made with care and kept in a cool place it will store indefinitely.