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Candi's blog - 13 September

Another week down.

Have discovered that one of my big struggles is lunchtime - still giving in to the odd pie or whatever. So we have decided (well, Claire has) that I should plan all my meals, rather than just dinner. So attempting that for this week so hopefully that helps.

Boxing is still going well. And going to the gym for a progress check, and aiming to get going there a lot more! Found out that in the 2 weeks I have been going to boxing (after 2 sessions), I have lost about 2% body fat - and I haven't even been going to the gym much on top of that - so that is good motivation to see just how good I can do.

All settled into our place, and my cat now lives with us too which helps. And hopefully the sun sticks around a bit more this week - it sure does help kick up the old motivation!

Been experimenting a bit more with recipes from the Healthy Food Guide too - always good to have a big repertoire  of meals to call on.

Almost at the halfway mark for the challenge - crikey!