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Ben Lakomy (SPCA)

Ben is senior animal welfare inspector with Wellington SPCA.

His passion for our animal friends started in his formative years owning a cacophony of pets including cats, rabbits, chooks, budgies and goldfish.

His passion also led him to become involved with Wellington SPCA aged just 12 - where he helped out around the centre and sometimes accompanied the inspectors.

Ben continued to volunteer for the animal welfare charity while attending school and college and eventually decided to turn his passion into a career .

He completed a Certificate in Animal Welfare Investigations, which eventually enabled him to take up a position as an animal welfare inspector.

When he's not out in the community preventing animals suffering from cruelty and neglect, advising the public about pet care or rescuing trapped animals, Ben is often seen running in the hills around Wellington with his fiancé and their four-legged friend Roxy the dog.