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Beef Stroganoff

With Miles Davis



½ kg rump steak

200gm Portobello (or button) mushrooms

1 onion

3 cloves garlic

1 lemon

1tbs tomato paste

1tbs hot English mustard

300ml cream

30ml brandy

Olive oil for cooking



Fry onions in olive oil till soft

Add garlic and rump steak – trimmed and sliced thin

When rump well browned add tomato paste and cook for 1-2 minute stirring well.

Add mustard and stir in for 30 seconds

Add cream and squeeze in juice from lemon

Stir and reduce. 

When sufficiently reduced (dependent on your taste some people like the sauce thicker than others) add brandy and stir for 30 seconds

Serve with rice or boiled potatoes (or both if you really want to indulge and aren’t afraid of some carbs)