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The Baby Whisperer - Travelling with your baby - 26 May

Getting out of the house with a baby can be quite a challenge. These easy tips are designed to help you and baby enjoy any outing.

Essential baby bag list

- Nappies - always take two more nappies than you normally require for the time you'll be out
- Nappy changing mat or flat cloth nappy - good to keep baby off public surfaces
- Nappy rash cream
- Burp cloth/cloth nappy
- Plastic or storage bag for dirty nappy or clothes
- Swaddle/blanket - This can be used to drape over shoulder if feeding in public
- 1-2 changes of clothes - you can get caught out so best be prepared!
- Cardigan/hat
- Bottle of boiled water (if bottle fed)
- Bib
- Milk dispensing container - for formula fed babies
- Snack for breast feeding mothers - protein bars are a great idea
- Dummy
- Toy - Plastic rings or and a toy that makes a small noise is a great distraction when needed
- Front pack or sling
- Snap and Go wheels for your car seat - essential for when you have twins

The Baby Whisperer's tips

Plan ahead of time - Where possible, plan to leave when best suits your baby's sleeping routine. If your baby is in some kind of routine, you will have less to pack into your baby's day if you try and plan your outings to suit their awake and sleep times.

Be prepared - if you are short of time pack the car and get your things organised while baby is sleeping or happy playing on floor. This especially important when your baby is small and can only cope with small outings and regular feeding times. Timing is essential.

Travel with basic toys/activities for distraction. As your baby gets older and they can be distracted by toys, pack a couple in your bag or buggy to help when you need distractions.

Where to go for further info:

Sharlene Poole - Little Miracles Postnatal Care Ltd