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Austrian Farmer's Schnitzel and German Potato Salad

With Gordon Blume & Andrei Kainer

Serves 2

Austrian Farmer's Schnitzel


2x 180g Lean Pork Loin, butterfly cut

50g good quality Smoked Bacon

50g Semihard Cheese (like Gouda, Edam...)

50g Onion, sliced

2 Eggs, beaten

Flour (to crumb)

Breadcrumbs (to crumb), I like to use white baguette bread crumbs

Salt & Pepper


Tenderise the pork loin as flat and big as possible.

Season with salt & pepper.

Spread 3 good sizes of bacon onto the meat.

On top sprinkle some sautéed onions and grated cheese.

Flip the schnitzel once until you can't see the filling.

Start the crumbing with flour - beaten egg - breadcrumbs.

In a pan heat up some canola oil until a piece of breadcrumb bubbles up. |

Deep fry for about 3 min on each side.

Drain on paper towel and serve while still hot.

German Potato Salad


300g Potatoes

150ml Chicken Stock (or vegetable stock)

30ml White Wine Vinegar

2 eggs, hard boiled

5 Gherkins, finely chopped



Boil potatoes in a pot with salt water.

Heat up chicken stock, and once boiling take off the heat and add white wine vinegar.

Finely cut the hard boiled eggs and add to stock mix. Add gherkins.

Peel the warm potatoes and dice or slice.

Then add the warm stock mix over the potatoes.

Wait for ten minutes for the potatoes to absorb the liquid and add finely chopped chives. Enjoy.