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Astrology November Forecast

Keep Looking Up! Ltd.  Motivational Astrology November Forecast
By GiGi Sosnoski

THEME: Facing our Fears!

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood Marie Curie

Scared? In one way or another, we all are. Sometimes there's a reason to be afraid, such as when we're in physical or emotional danger, but often our fears just hold us back from success. Only by looking at what frightens us can we free ourselves from its restrictions. As long as we allow fear to paralyze us, nothing changes.

This month we are encouraged to face our fears and break free from their confines. Fear is a chain reaction in the brain that begins with worry or stress. Fear generates a fight-or-flight response a positive thing if we're faced with real danger, but negative when it's an obstacle to our achievements. Overcoming fears and putting risk and reward in perspective are the highlights of November.

Planets in Sagittarius this month boost our confidence to help release fearful limitations. Mercury's retrograde motion encourages us to get our fears sorted and organize the details of how we can calm our worries, prior to the 24th. The Solar Eclipse on the 25th indicates a significant discharge of what is no longer worthwhile for our progress!

How will November's Astrological energies assist us in our various life areas? Read on:

LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS: Been hurt? Everyone has. Regardless of the pain that others may have caused you, it is important to remain open to new relationships. We may avoid love because we fear being rejected, but talking about your concerns can help. This is the month for Mutual Self-Disclosure: sharing your personal thoughts and discussing past hurts so that both parties can be more aware of the other. By feeling your fear, expressing it instead of hiding behind it, and talking about what is important to you, trust and intimacy are built. Affections and sharing emotional security issues are strongest at the Taurus Full Moon on the 11th. The New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on the 25th encourages optimistic breakthroughs in our connections with others. Venus pairing with Sagittarius brings inspirational expression of love and beauty, while Mercury retrograde, shows that it's important to clarify our thoughts and all communications prior to the 24th.

WORK: Fear of failure? Consider the cost of missed opportunities! The unknown is a major source of fear, and our anxiety about things we're unsure of is often what keeps us from success. Always examine the reasons why you choose not to do something. Whatever your job, don't let irrational fears limit your progress! The Mars/Virgo pairing starting on the 11th assists you in organizing strategies for working through your fears. Take advantage of a favorable Mars/Jupiter connection on the 17th to move toward greater work success, while the New Moon/Solar Eclipse on the 25th indicates the start of new courageous endeavors.

FINANCES: Money worries? Fear is one of the most prevalent emotions that people express about their financial position. It is usually the result of uncertainty about a situation. A powerful antidote is taking action. Taking action allows you to feel more in control of your situation and encourages you to find solutions. This is the month to take inventory of your current situation, evaluate and create a plan for change. Set realistic goals and learn more about money matters and investments. Hedge your risks by creating a contingency plan have a backup in mind so that you can release your fears. Connect with others - money comes from people and the greater your circle of connections, the greater your financial possibilities. Strong Sagittarius energies help us to seek out and realize our goals this month while Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus encourages us to rethink and re-evaluate our financial security. A Mercury/Venus/North Node alignment on the 15th is an excellent time for communicating your creative ideas successfully to others!

HOME & FAMILY: Fear-free families! Help your family to be less frightened by encouraging them to achieve the things they feel apprehensive about! Shift your childs worrisome views by showing them the more "pleasant" aspects of what they fear. If your child is afraid of dogs, read them stories about friendly dogs and expose them to small, calm canines gently. Also, let children see you being a good role model watch your reactions (overreactions) to things that scare you. Monitor what your young ones are viewing there is a difference between knowing about an issue and being overexposed (overwhelmed) by it. This is the month to be conscious of what triggers bring about fear in the family as that is the first step in helping to prevent them. The New Moon/Solar Eclipse on the 25th offers new beginnings after making positive adjustments. Mercury's energies encourages family to talk about what is troubling them, while Venus assists in finding positive resolutions to problems.

HEALTH: Don't worry, be happy! Be aware that most of our fears are imagined 85% of what we worry about never transpires! Worrying is a common habit that makes us feel like we are accomplishing something, when in reality we are just creating more fear. Find the root of your anxiety or stress you can't be healthy if you're in a constant state of apprehension. To get rid of fear figure out what you would do in each of the situations that concern you. Utilizing daily calming techniques for releasing fear such as deep breathing, meditation, positive affirmations, exercise, and muscle relaxation all play a role in relieving tension and anxiety.  The Full Moon on the 11th helps us to let go of fears and gain courage, while the 22nd brings opportunity for new health and wellbeing.

SELF: Stop fretting! Fear interrupts the flow of life force. It brings negativity and depression and traps us in a stagnant pattern. Underlying our fears is the lack of belief in ourselves. When you're fearful you shut down possibilities. If you have an irrational fear of something, try taking some action every day even if just a small one to overcome that fear. By pushing the boundaries of your comfort level you gain experience, confidence and open yourself to more opportunities! The 19th is a good day to realize that many of your fears are imagined!

Birthdays: If you have a birthday on the following dates in November, here are some of the energies you can expect for your year ahead:

11 November (Full Moon in Taurus) Your key word: Fulfillment. This Full Moon Birthday indicates an anticipated, eventful, emotional and completed cycle with strong energy lasting until your next birthday! Issues regarding love, creativity and finance find culmination!

19-20 November (Sun square Neptune) Your key word: Idealism. Use your energies and creative ideas in practical ways and appraise your directions carefully. Make sure the dream fits the reality.

22-23 November (Sun trine Uranus) Your key word: Innovation. Expressing yourself in unique and original ways brings rewards as well as new encounters and exciting experiences.

23-24 November (Sun inconjunct Jupiter) Your key word: Learning. A work-study program may help you express more of your talents and abilities while providing you with greater self-confidence on the job.

25 November (New Moon in Sagittarius, and a Solar Eclipse) Your key word: Beginnings. This New Moon Birthday, with a Solar Eclipse, indicates the start of new endeavors and beginning a new cycle toward greater emotional expression and domestic success.

How can you make use of the energies in your individual chart? What do they show for your year ahead and how can you best take advantage of them? How can you utilize your energies and abilities to achieve greater success and happiness? Getting insight into your individual Astrology chart and forecast provides greater understanding of who you are and where you are going!! Give yourself the gift of learning about the personal power that exists within you with a Motivational Astrology reading it may just be the thing to finally help you find greater accomplishment and prosperity!

Action-oriented November to All and Keep Looking Up!

With Much Warmth and StarLight
-GiGi Sosnoski
Keep Looking Up! Ltd. / Positive Skies LLC
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GiGi Sosnoski is a World-wide Motivational Astrologer who helps individuals understand their talents and unique gifts, as well as how to use life's challenges as positive motivational energies. Using a person's unique Astrology chart, GiGi can encourage and inspire individuals to appreciate their abilities and also find the best times ahead for utilizing them!  For further information or to book a reading with GiGi you can go to her website or her Keep Looking Up! Facebook page or phone her on 04 905 1996 to speak with her personally.