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Astar's Tropical Christmas Wreath

Astar’s Tropical Christmas Wreath

In looking back through my past notes I discovered that I have shared some 17 different styles of Christmas door or table wreaths, most being very traditional. Seems strange that we stick with Northern Hemisphere designs – spruce based wreaths, with holy, berries and glittery baubles.

This year I’m breaking with tradition and want to share how to make something a little less formal with a tropical theme…

What You Will Need:

  • I’m using a plain undress willow wreath frame as my base…
  • 5 stems of artificial lime green moth or tropical oncidium orchids, frangipani or hibiscus flowers 
  • Tropical foliage - ferns, palms, leaves etc
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Jute or raffia 
  • Bright tropical coloured baubles to tone with flowers.


Because the willow frame has such great texture I’m not going to completely cover the wreath base.

  1. With wreath laid out in front of you, make a mark at the top and what will be the bottom.
  2. On either side of the bottom section of the wreath base, fix a large leaf to come up sides of wreath. Position last leaf so that it appears to fall away from wreath. 
  3. Glue or tie tropical foliage to cascade down on top of last placed leaf.
  4. Loosely surround wreath with tropical flowers to suit.
  5. Use either raffia or jute to make a bow with cascading tails and then fix baubles to ends of tails at varying drop lengths.